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Does Signal Strength of DTH Channels Get Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions?
by Admin, 8/3/16, 7:13 PM
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It's not unusual to experience problems with DTH signals during heavy rain as in monsoons. This is known as rain fade. Similarly, there is another natural phenomenon that could causes significant problems in broadcasting, and it's known as Sun fade. All DTH operators in India (and worldwide) face these problems. Though, there are different ways of reducing the effects of rain fade, you'll still find evident signal problems in harsh weather conditions. The quality of a dish (actually, of its LNB) is a factor in reducing the fade and improving signal strength, but it isn't always taken as a major factor when people compare DTH operators.


Sun fade occurs when the sun, DTH satellite, and receiver (dish) all fall on the same line. This happens around March & September. Unlike rain fade, its effects are only for few minutes (for some days). For reducing the size of the dish, most channels are broadcasted by DTH operators on a higher frequency range known as Ku band rather than on the C band. The problem with Ku band broadcasting is that it is more susceptible to interference with rain droplets than C band. This reduces the signal strength and leads to bad reception at the receiving end (dish). So the next time you have poor signal strength while watching TV during heavy rain, you shouldn't blame the DTH company.


Apart from other factors, correct installation of the dish is important to get the optimal signal strength. Hence, during installation make sure that the technician has properly aligned the dish to get the best signal strength possible. It's important to compare DTH services before selecting a particular operator; however, it should be kept in mind that there are certain problems that are inherent to satellite communications that are beyond the control of operators.

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