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Comparing Prices of DTH Set Top Boxes for Multi-room Connection
Posted on 22, August, 2016, 5:24 pm

Multiple DTH TV connection provides the much needed flexibility of simultaneous watching of different channels on different TV sets. Hence, no one has to sacrifice on their favourite serial or a cricket match because of a single connection. Even during the days of analog cable, many people had multiple cable connection in their houses. Cable operators used to charge extra for every additional connection taken. The same is true with the DTH operators as well, but now you also require a separate set top box with every TV using the same dish.


The price of a set top box (STB) for the 2nd (or, 3rd/ 4th) connection of Videocon D2h is: Rs. 1,620 (SD), Rs. 999 (HD Digital), Rs. 6,990 (HD Digital Video Recorder), and Rs. 6,590 (4K Ultra HD STB). The price of a set top box for the primary connection of Videocon D2h is also same as above except for the HD Digital which is for Rs. 1,820. On the other hand, price of a Tata Sky STB for the 2nd (or, 3rd/ 4th) connection is: Rs. 1,600 (SD), Rs. 999 (HD), and Rs. 8,900 (Transfer). The price of a SD STB for the primary connection of Tata Sky is same as above, but the price for HD STB is Rs. 1,800 & Transfer HD is for Rs. 9,300. Interestingly, the prices of SD & HD versions of Videocon D2h and Tata Sky for multiple connection are almost similar.


Dish TV prices for multiple connection of SD & HD+ versions of STB are Rs. 1,600 and Rs. 1,800 respectively. Peculiarly, Dish HD+ for primary connection is only Rs. 1,700. Also, irrespective of the monthly price of your current subscription pack (on the primary connection), the monthly price of the same subscription pack on additional connections is fixed at Rs. 225 (SD) and Rs. 250 (HD+). For Tata Sky also there is a fixed rate of Rs. 240 per month irrespective of the STB type and primary subscription pack. Videocon D2h, though, has different prices depending on the subscribed pack and region.

Comparing Features & Specifications of Different Tata Sky Set Top Boxes
Posted on 19, August, 2016, 6:29 pm

As with other DTH operators, Tata Sky also offers different types of set top boxes (STBs) with varying features, specifications, and prices. Here, we'll try to differentiate among three STBs: Tata Sky SD, Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky+ Transfer HD. Though most people nowadays prefer HD STBs, there is a large number of people who are still comfortable with the standard definition STBs for various reasons (mainly price). Whereas Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ Transfer HD broadcast in 1080i resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio (default), Tata Sky SD is in DVD quality (480p). Also, the latter provides only CD quality sound while the other two STBs have Dolby Digital Surround.


No matter which DTH operator you'll choose, the SD version cannot have the same features as its HD counterparts because of the obvious technical reasons; however, they for sure provide value for money. Both, Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ Transfer HD are 3D ready (can deliver 3D content to your 3D TV when it's available from broadcasters) and provide special services such as video on demand and karaoke. However Tata Sky+ Transfer HD provides a number of other features that are not available with the other two STBs like 500 GB hard disk for HD recording, rewind/forward/live pause, series recording (from mobile), and transfer or streaming of recorded content onto other devices.


When it comes to price of these set top boxes, Tata Sky SD is for Rs. 1600, Tata Sky HD is for Rs. 1800, and Tata Sky+ Transfer HD comes at a staggering price of Rs. 9300. Since the price difference between Tata Sky SD and Tata Sky HD is quite small, it's better to go with the HD STB. Though the features in Tata Sky+ Transfer HD are quite good, its steep price does act as a hindrance for most people.

Videocon D2h Offering Asli HD Channels for Price of Only Rs. 1
Posted on 16, August, 2016, 3:59 pm

Celebrating Independence Day, most companies during this period in India come up with innovative offers. Valid from 12th to 14th August, Videocon D2h is offering its Asli HD channels for a month for just Rs. 1 rather than on fixed prices of Rs. 125/150/175. Other DTH brands are also providing similar offers such as Tata Sky is giving all channels and services at no additional price for the period between 8th and 21st August. The above mentioned Videocon's offer will give HD channels as per the existing base pack of the subscribers. Needless to say that an HD set top box is required to avail this offer.


Once this 30 day period is over, the usual prices for such HD add-ons (according to the base pack subscribed) will be charged. If you do not wish to continue watching these add-on HD channels, then simply call the customer care one day before the last date of this offer and ask them to discontinue these HD add-ons. Various HD add-on packs are available from Videocon such as Super Gold, Gold Maxi, Gold Kids, Gold Sports, and Diamond. They come at different prices and contain different number of channels according to the preferences of subscribers. If you're thinking to buy a DTH set top box and are comparing DTH services, then keep a close eye on the various price offers provided by these operators.

Does Signal Strength of DTH Channels Get Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions?
Posted on 3, August, 2016, 7:13 pm

It's not unusual to experience problems with DTH signals during heavy rain as in monsoons. This is known as rain fade. Similarly, there is another natural phenomenon that could causes significant problems in broadcasting, and it's known as Sun fade. All DTH operators in India (and worldwide) face these problems. Though, there are different ways of reducing the effects of rain fade, you'll still find evident signal problems in harsh weather conditions. The quality of a dish (actually, of its LNB) is a factor in reducing the fade and improving signal strength, but it isn't always taken as a major factor when people compare DTH operators.


Sun fade occurs when the sun, DTH satellite, and receiver (dish) all fall on the same line. This happens around March & September. Unlike rain fade, its effects are only for few minutes (for some days). For reducing the size of the dish, most channels are broadcasted by DTH operators on a higher frequency range known as Ku band rather than on the C band. The problem with Ku band broadcasting is that it is more susceptible to interference with rain droplets than C band. This reduces the signal strength and leads to bad reception at the receiving end (dish). So the next time you have poor signal strength while watching TV during heavy rain, you shouldn't blame the DTH company.


Apart from other factors, correct installation of the dish is important to get the optimal signal strength. Hence, during installation make sure that the technician has properly aligned the dish to get the best signal strength possible. It's important to compare DTH services before selecting a particular operator; however, it should be kept in mind that there are certain problems that are inherent to satellite communications that are beyond the control of operators.

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Enjoy TV On the Go with Tata Sky Mobile App
Posted on 27, July, 2016, 4:45 pm

We earlier discussed about the Videocon d2h Smart Remote App which provides decent functionality to DTH set top box (STB) subscribers. Tata Sky Mobile App takes this mobile phone based remote controlling several notches higher. With features such as Live TV, remote record, and Transfer, Tata Sky DTH STB subscribers have more to play with. This app is available for free download from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or from the official Tata Sky website. Once you login on the app with your subscriber ID or registered mobile number and assign a friendly name to the Tata Sky DTH STB, you can make use of services such as Tata Sky on Demand, Live TV, remote record, and Transfer.


Live TV feature allows subscribers to watch TV programmes on their mobile phones as they do on television. Once you hit the Live TV tab on your app, you'll be shown various channels that you can watch on your mobile phone or computer (windows PC/MAC OS). Remember, you can only watch those channels that are part of your subscription pack. Remote recording feature allows to schedule recording of programmes (entire series as well) from the mobile phone itself (and PC/MAC). Though, remote recording is offered only on Tata Sky+ HD and Tata Sky+ Transfer set top boxes.


Using the Transfer tab, all the recorded content from your Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box can be streamed/transferred on your mobile device that is running on Android or iOS (not for Windows or Mac). You can watch this content anywhere you like for a given period of time (24 hours-72 hours). If you missed your favourite programme or want to watch it again, then using Tata Sky on Demand offer on the app you can stream or download that programme to watch (though, not all programmes are available). You can watch Tata Sky on Demand programmes on Android or iOS devices but not on Windows PC/MAC.

Use Your Smart Phone to Control Your Videocon DTH Set Top Box with d2h Smart Remote App
Posted on 26, July, 2016, 6:03 pm

A significant amount of our time is spent on smart phones and it's quite convenient if we can use them to control other electronic devices in our house. Over the past few years, many companies have worked on bringing this functionality to their users (using phones to control home appliances). Today, most DTH operators offer mobile phone controlled television viewing to their subscribers. Videocon's d2h Smart Remote App is one such example that seamlessly connects DTH set top box (STB) to a smart phone to offer various functionalities.


d2h Smart Remote App can connect the STB with the smart phone either using Bluetooth or WI-Fi. You'll need Android 4.3 and above and if using Bluetooth (check your STB has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity), you have to purchase d2h Bluetooth dongle. After launching the app on your phone, click on the 'find d2h STB' tab and your STB number will be shown. Press connect and your mobile phone now can be used as a remote. You can easily perform basic functions such as browsing channels using logos, volume change, check program guide, etc. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can get mobile notifications on your TV so that any Facebook updates, messages, missed calls, etc. can be checked instantly.


Audio streaming is also a great feature where you can stream audio from your mobile to your STB or vice versa. Hence, once connected, you only need to plug in earphones on your phone and can watch TV without disturbing others around you. Media Casting (available on Wi-Fi enabled STBs only) is an exciting feature where you can watch videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. that are playing on your mobile phone onto your big TV screen. You can download the d2h Smart Remote App for free from Google Play Store.

Understanding the Difference between True HD and Upscaled HD
Posted on 25, July, 2016, 2:00 pm

While comparing DTH services, one of the many metrics used is the number of HD channels offered by a DTH operator. It's interesting to know that a good number of these so-called HD channels aren't actually HD at all. Then, why are they marketed as HD channels? Let's try to fathom it by understanding the fundamental difference between standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Standard definition is generally referred to the vertical resolution of 480 pixels (in India). This essentially means that for vertical resolution of 480 pixels there are 640 pixels horizontally when the standard aspect ratio is 4:3. For high definition, though, the vertical resolution is 1080 pixels that has corresponding horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels when the aspect ratio is 16:9 (default). Hence, HD picture will always be sharper and carry more detail than its SD counterpart.

When we say that a programme is in true HD, then we are assuming that it was created as and transmitted with the following characteristics: 1080p or 1080i for 16:9 aspect ratio. On the other hand, upscaled HD content doesn't meet the above requirement as it was shot in standard definition (480 pixels vertically) but by using complex algorithms (by the set top box) was scaled upwards to get 1080 pixels vertically. This is known as upscaling and can make the picture look better (or sometimes, horrible) on an HD TV.

Nowadays, most content is actually shot in HD and the number of true HD channels are increasing rapidly. Let's compare various DTH services on the basis of HD channels they offer. Reliance Digital TV offers 300 channels in total and upscales all of them to 1080p quality! Tata Sky offers 68 channels in HD quality and Videocon d2h has 45 true HD channels (asli HD, as they call them). Dishtv offers 45 channels in HD quality and Airtel digital TV has 33 true HD channels as of now. Make sure that you subscribe for true HD channels to get unadulterated television viewing experience.

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Benefits of the Introduction of Online DTH Recharge
Posted on 22, June, 2015, 10:11 am

A couple of years ago, the idea of DTH, or even direct to home satellite transmissions, was launched in India. Large number of individuals from distinct states recognized and valued this awesome improvement worldwide of amusement. However, an issue happened, that was associated with the recharge of DTH. At this time, there was not many shops that given the service of those kinds of recharge. Additionally, the strategy of recharge was not too simple.

Internet DTH Recharge: A Large Hit

The firms arrived in realize that individuals were experiencing the hassle of recharge times. Therefore, they establish their actual stores in numerous metropolitan towns. This in some manner proven to be good for the customers, but nonetheless these were dealing with issue, since they were not able to recharge the DTH anytime and event, according to their comfort. This kind of great is the social approval of Online Recharge that others turned going back to DTH satellite transmissions. Along with it, transaction can be created within couple of hits in the ease and comfort of room as well as continuous services may be appreciated constantly. Hence, Online DTH Recharge is preserving endeavors and effort of buyers.To know more visit

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Tata sky and Its Great Offers
Posted on 9, June, 2015, 9:40 pm

The Tata sky HD is amongst the most significant TV networks supplying around 20+ stations, as well as other undertakings such as papers, stations and publications. They are just about all provide you with Direct to Home or DTH service. Tata sky is a broadly well-liked option worldwide of digital home enjoyment. Tata sky HD plans makes use of the recent MPEG 4 technological innovation that provides increased overall performance, distinct picture high quality and much better audio quality. It features exclusive capabilities along with several benefits.

This plans home enjoyment at very competing and reasonable prices. This possesses several offers wherein client has liberty to choose their favorite channels. The freedom package provides you with the choice to select a lot of regional languages like your simple pack. The Tata sky also offers a lot of sub packages for films, kids along with other regional languages and so on. This can be really efficient in the set up support also it provides good service. For the convenience of the clients, it provides a 24*7 call centre service with 6 language support. With Tata sky DTH you can acquire great telecasting and classy channel in India. To know more visit or call us on 8882544544

Growth of Videocon d2h hd DTH Services
Posted on 28, May, 2015, 9:59 am

The development of "Direct to Home (DTH)" facility around the world in past 1 decade continues to be remarkable because it has got totally changed the method TV being seen. The members may keep an eye on their favorite shows in high-definition graphic quality with excellent audio effects like CD.

"DTH" includes permitted individuals to include a personal feel to their Television expertise. Viewers can select and also choose their favorite listing of programs she or he desires on their displays. Merely, they need to spend merely for the programs of their option. Because of this, they can restructure and maximize their choices on the invoices. For customers relieve, most of the "DTH" providers already have proven plan deals for the numerous sections, which resulted in the development of "DTH" facility.

The "DTH" system additionally permits buyer to limit watching of certain channels not by kids. It is possible to insert a password and also secure channels. Accordingly, the buyer does not require need to bother about exactly what to search for kids behind their backs. Additionally, the buyer may also select and purchase a film slot without lost it. Videocon d2h offer digital cable box, DTH Channels in India and DTH HD Services by means of many d2h products. To know more visit

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