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TRAI New DTH Channels Price List - Adding More Cost To your DTH Bill

Finally the confusion goes off, Here is the list of paid channels Price wise. Customers can opt channels as per their choices, Customers has to bear the channel cost additional To Rs.130 , For Example You If want to add Colors (Cost Rs.19 ) , Star Plus( Cost Rs.19), Zee TV ( Cost Rs.19), Zee Cinema ( Cost Rs.19), Sony ( Cost Rs.19 ), So you have To pay Rs.130 + (19*5 = 95)For All above selected channels , So Total Cost comes Around Rs.225 + Tax ( 18% ) = Rs.265,  I have not added other favorite channels , Like Music,

by GV, 1/8/19, 10:23 PM
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TRAI New Tariff For Videocon DTH Tata Sky DTH and Dish TV Packages

TRAI has come out with New Tariff, Let Focus on some of the major factors.

Now Minimum Monthly rent will start with Rs.130 Only, In which customer will be getting 100 Free To Air Channels , If you wish to take more channels you can take one channel and pay for that, If you wish take more channels you can take Broadcaster Combo Pack  Like Star is Giving All Star SD Channels At Rs.31 only, Similarly Zee Also has launched All Zee Channels in Rs.30 only .

But Customer will have both the option either they can switch to

by GV, 1/2/19, 9:30 PM
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Comparing Prices of DTH Set Top Boxes for Multi-room Connection

Multiple DTH TV connection provides the much needed flexibility of simultaneous watching of different channels on different TV sets. Hence, no one has to sacrifice on their favourite serial or a cricket match because of a single connection. Even during the days of analog cable, many people had multiple cable connection in their houses. Cable operators used to charge extra for every additional connection taken. The same is true with the DTH operators as well, but now you also require a separate set top box with

by Admin, 8/22/16, 5:24 PM
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Comparing Features & Specifications of Different Tata Sky Set Top Boxes

As with other DTH operators, Tata Sky also offers different types of set top boxes (STBs) with varying features, specifications, and prices. Here, we'll try to differentiate among three STBs: Tata Sky SD, Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky+ Transfer HD. Though most people nowadays prefer HD STBs, there is a large number of people who are still comfortable with the standard definition STBs for various reasons (mainly price). Whereas Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ Transfer HD broadcast in 1080i resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio (default), Tata Sky SD is in DVD quality (480p). Also,

by Admin, 8/19/16, 6:29 PM
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Videocon D2h Offering Asli HD Channels for Price of Only Rs. 1

Celebrating Independence Day, most companies during this period in India come up with innovative offers. Valid from 12th to 14th August, Videocon D2h is offering its Asli HD channels for a month for just Rs. 1 rather than on fixed prices of Rs. 125/150/175. Other DTH brands are also providing similar offers such as Tata Sky is giving all channels and services at no additional price for the period between 8th and 21st August. The above mentioned Videocon's offer will give HD channels as per the existing base pack of the subscribers. Needless to say that an HD set top box

by Admin, 8/16/16, 3:59 PM
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Does Signal Strength of DTH Channels Get Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions?

It's not unusual to experience problems with DTH signals during heavy rain as in monsoons. This is known as rain fade. Similarly, there is another natural phenomenon that could causes significant problems in broadcasting, and it's known as Sun fade. All DTH operators in India (and worldwide) face these problems. Though, there are different ways of reducing the effects of rain fade, you'll still find evident signal problems in harsh weather conditions. The quality of a dish (actually, of its LNB) is a factor in reducing the fade and improving signal

by Admin, 8/3/16, 7:13 PM
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Enjoy TV On the Go with Tata Sky Mobile App

We earlier discussed about the Videocon d2h Smart Remote App which provides decent functionality to DTH set top box (STB) subscribers. Tata Sky Mobile App takes this mobile phone based remote controlling several notches higher. With features such as Live TV, remote record, and Transfer, Tata Sky DTH STB subscribers have more to play with. This app is available for free download from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or from the official Tata Sky website. Once you login on the app with your subscriber ID or registered mobile number and assign a

by Admin, 7/27/16, 4:45 PM
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Use Your Smart Phone to Control Your Videocon DTH Set Top Box with d2h Smart Remote App

A significant amount of our time is spent on smart phones and it's quite convenient if we can use them to control other electronic devices in our house. Over the past few years, many companies have worked on bringing this functionality to their users (using phones to control home appliances). Today, most DTH operators offer mobile phone controlled television viewing to their subscribers. Videocon's d2h Smart Remote App is one such example that seamlessly connects DTH set top box (STB) to a smart phone to offer various

by Admin, 7/26/16, 6:03 PM
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Understanding the Difference between True HD and Upscaled HD

While comparing DTH services, one of the many metrics used is the number of HD channels offered by a DTH operator. It's interesting to know that a good number of these so-called HD channels aren't actually HD at all. Then, why are they marketed as HD channels? Let's try to fathom it by understanding the fundamental difference between standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Standard definition is generally referred to the vertical resolution of 480 pixels (in India). This essentially

by Admin, 7/25/16, 2:00 PM
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Benefits of the Introduction of Online DTH Recharge

A couple of years ago, the idea of DTH, or even direct to home satellite transmissions, was launched in India. Large number of individuals from distinct states recognized and valued this awesome improvement worldwide of amusement. However, an issue happened, that was associated with the recharge of DTH. At this time, there was not many shops that given the service of those kinds of recharge. Additionally, the strategy of recharge was not too simple.

Internet DTH Recharge: A Large Hit

by Admin, 6/22/15, 10:11 AM
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